Lamplight Lovers EP

by Ty Williams

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Recorded with bits and pieces we could steal and scrounge. The songs are a compilation of some of Ty's most recent writings. Home recorded and mixed.


released June 5, 2012

All music Written and performed by Ty Williams
Recorded and mixed by Jayden Smith at Strickland Studios



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ty Williams Christchurch, New Zealand

Solo artist from Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Track Name: Lamplight Lovers
I can almost see the light, its up ahead
All these distances, these seeds were planted, conjured in my bed
You cant take away the things been done, or even hide them in your head
You can rock the boat and end up in a dangerous place instead

There is nothing that can take me far enough away
There is nothing that can take me, take me far enough away
Take me far from here

If I really had a care, do you think I’d
Jump into the next thing that would come along
Jump at every chance to sing my songs
To someone else
Track Name: Little White Rope
Theres a little white rope that pulls me along
With one strand loose I don't feel right anymore
God give me strength, it feels like I've been in a war
I haven't seen death, but I've felt cold of the floor

There's a finishing line somewhere up ahead
I've gone off track, there ain't no going back for me now

Strange wind, pick me up off the floor
Take me back where I once was
Oh show me the door

Strange wind, shine your light on me now
I've seen down and out,
And there aint no going back for me now

There's a burning fire somewhere down below
Hasn't yet seen the light of day
The chains that hold it at bay
Track Name: Stay
Why don’t you stay? Just a little while
Just a little while
Why don’t you stay? Just a little while
Just a little while

I’ve been thinking you way too much lately
I’ve been thinking bout the colours in your hair
O the times we shared in happy moments
Silent but not alone.

I’ve been thinking you way too much lately
I’ve been thinking bout the moments that we shared
Every time I you crying I would wipe away your tears
For you I’d do this
Track Name: Bleary Eyed
Bleary eyed
Your so Bleary eyed
You wash your hair when it rains

Dirty skin
You've got dirty skin
You wash your hands, once a day

You take what you like
And don't give it back
You lost all your friends
The skin off your back
Your crawling around and skinning your knees
And there ain't no one round to care

Thirsty man
Your a thirsty man
Your weeks worth of drinks, gone in a day

Puppet limbs
You've got puppet limbs
Your actions aren't, even your own